About Us

K&C REIT's objective is to build a substantial residential property portfolio that generates secure income flow for shareholders through the acquisition of companies owning property assets that have significant inherent historical capital gains.  We intend to achieve this objective by acquiring, developing and managing residential property assets, primarily in London and the South East, that will generate an attractive blend of capital growth and yield.

We believe that K&C offers an attractive opportunity for shareholders to gain exposure to the London residential property market. London has been a resilient market for residential property for a number of reasons. These include the UK's economic and political stability, London's position as one of the world's leading financial and cultural centres, constraints on supply, increasing institutional and overseas interest in the sector and rising demand for rental properties.

We have a track record of successfully sourcing, financing, improving, letting and managing properties to create sizeable property portfolios with attractive cash-flows. We aim to take advantage of opportunities in the London residential real estate market to build our portfolio, enhancing yield and increasing net asset value through active management and development. We believe this strategy will allow us to provide shareholders with an attractive level of dividend income.