The Board

The Board comprises five directors, two of whom are non-executive. The executive directors are a team of property and finance professionals who between them have over 140 years of collective experience in the UK real estate market. They have a track record of having successfully created value for shareholders in property investments, having set up several property companies over the years and realised exits both publicly and privately.

For example, Gander Holdings plc, a London-based property company specialising in the acquisition and development of residential real estate in Kensington & Chelsea, which was quoted on the London Stock Exchange from 1995 to 1999, grew from a £5 million company in 1994 to one with a property portfolio worth over £100 million when it was sold in 1999. More recently, members of the team have, collectively and individually, continued to carry out significant residential property transactions in Central London, including planning and developing various multi-million pound properties in Kensington, Chelsea and Wimbledon.